Association of Agrometeorologists

 Annual Reports


Twenty first Annual Report 2019-20

General Body Meeting

The Annual General Body meeting of Association was held at Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, Kerala on January 21, 2020. General body thanked to Dr. S.R. Patel for successful conduct of the AAM election. House appreciated the effort made by the LOC members of AGMET 2020 for successful organization of the seminar.  The annual report and accounts of Association for year 2018-19 was presented by the Secretary and same was approved. House also approved the proposal to revise membership fee structure of Association recommended by the EC. House was informed that as per constitution submitted to Charity Commissioner and Registration of the Society in the 1999, EC term is for 3 years. Accordingly the three years term of EC is ending in March 2020. Hence the house was requested to elect the new EC members for three years term (2020-23). It was suggested that the current EC members may be requested to continue for the next three years term (2020-23). After getting consent form EC members House approved the same accordingly following members were elected by the General Body for 3 Years (2020-23) term.

  1. Dr. Vyas Pandey                                 President
  2. Dr. S. K. Bal                                       Vice President
  3. Dr. J. D. Jadhav                                  Vice President
  4. Dr. S. B. Yadav                                   Secretary
  5. Dr. A. K. Shrivastava                          Jt. Secretary
  6. Dr. B. I. Karande                                 Treasurer
  7. Dr. Sandeep Singh Sandhu                  Member
  8. Dr. C. S. Dagar                                    Member
  9. Dr. K. K. Dakhore                               Member
  10. Dr. N. Subhash                                    Member
  11. Dr. S. Sridhara                                     Member

Executive Council

During the year 2019-20, Executive council met four times and also communicated through mails. The first meeting of Executive Council of Association was held on 10th May 2019 at AAU, Anand and formally all elected new EC members took over the charge.  EC nominated five zonal representatives and co-opted members


Zonal representatives

  1. North Zone     :           Dr. Raihana H. Kanth,            SKUAST, Shrinagar,Kashmir
  2. East Zone        :           Dr. Abdus Sattar,                    RPCAU, Samastipur, Bihar
  3. South Zone     :           Dr. Ajith Pillai,                        KAU, Thrissur, Kerala
  4. West Zone       :           Shri V. B. Vaidya,                  AAU, Anand, Gujarat
  5. Central Zone   :           Dr. R. K. Mall,                       BHU, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Co-opted members

i   Dr. Kamaljeet Ray, New Delhi representative from MOES/IMD

ii   Dr. N. R. Patel, IIRS, Dehradun representative from ISRO/DOS


As Dr J.D. Jadhav showed his inability to organise the next seminar at pune, EC invited proposal from other centers and decided to organise AGMET 2020 at KAU, Thrissur, Kerala. Dr B. Ajeet Kumar was given the responsibility to organise National Seminar.

 EC members reconstituted the Editorial board member. It was suggested to have subject /theme wise editors. EC suggested various names which will be finalized in consultation with chief editors. These as follow

Chief Editor    :           Dr. B.V. Ramana Rao, Hyderabad

Managing Editor:        Dr. S. K. Bal, Hyderabad

International Editor:   Dr. MVK Sivakumar, Geneva

EC also decided to file an application to get 80G registration. In order to reduce the cost of printing as well as saving the environment, it was decided to print only 500 copies of the journal.

Dr Manjusha Kulshrestha, elected secretary, resigned from the post due to her personal reasons. Hence, an urgent meeting of EC (second meeting) was held at CRIDA, Hyderabad on 27th, 2019 to fill the post Secretary by co-option as per article 5.4 of constitution of Association and Dr S. B. Yadav was nominated as Secretary of  the Association.

The Third meeting of EC was held at KAU, Thrissur on 21st January 2020. EC was informed about the change in terms of EC as per record available with Charity Commissioner and thereby new EC member for 3 years term (2020-23) has to elect by the G.B. The same was approved and G.B. may be requested to elect the new EC members. EC members also suggested to engage a legal Advisor to settle the discrepancies in the record available with the charity commissioner office.

Fourth Executive council meeting was held on 6th March 2020 at, AAU, Anand, Gujarat. EC decided to award, Honorary fellowship to following scientists for their life time contribution in the field of Agricultural Meteorology.

  1. Dr. M V K Sivakumar, Geneva
  2. Dr. Samsul Huda, Australia
  3. Dr. T N Balasubramanian, Coimbatore
  4. Dr. P K Aggrawal, New Delhi
  5. Dr. S.M. Virmani (Posthumous) 

EC also decided to identify eminent scientists who are contributing significantly to the discipline of Agricultural Meteorology but do not submit application for fellowship of Association  they may be requested to submit their Bio-data for consideration of fellowship these will be in addition to the regular applications for Fellows being invited every year.

 EC Members discussed about forming new Committee of revising guidelines for various awards and it was decided that as of now Rs. 1.00 lakh would be minimum acceptable amount for instituting any award. For preparation of uniform guidelines and transparent evaluation system for various awards Dr S K Bal was asked to form a 10 members (5 from EC and 5 other than EC) committee. EC also approved the names of new editors to be included in the old list suggested as by Dr. S. K. Bal with some minor corrections.

EC decided not to bring out any special issue hence forth. However, on request from Dr. B. Ajeeth Kumar and other members, it was decided that the selected papers of seminar may be sent to Dr S K Bal, managing editor for getting them reviewed for publication in the regular issues of Journal.

EC also approved the formation of four new chapter viz. Bihar, Kashmir, Meerut and Bhopal. 

Chapter activities

Different Chapters viz Thrisur, Hissar, Mohanpur, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Jammu, Raipur and Parbhani presented their report during G.B. meeting at Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, Kerala on January 21, 2020. Pantnagar, Ludhiana, Faizabad, Pune and Delhi chapters could not make their presentation. It was suggested that only those activities are to be presented which are organized under the banner of AAM Chapters. All chapters were requested to submit their account/ audit report every year to HQ without fail.

Organization of seminar

During the year a National Seminar on “Agrometeorological Interventions for Enhancing Farmers Income (AGMET-2020)” was successfully organized during 20-22 January 2020 at  Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, Kerala. Dr V. K. Dadhwal Director, Indian Institute of Space Technology, Thiruvananthapuram was the Chief Guest. Dr L.S. Rathore delivered the Dr LA Ramdas Memorial Lecture. The inaugural function was presided over by Dr. R. Chandra Babu, Hon. Vice -Chancellor of KAU, Thrissur. During the inaugural function Association felicitated the retired agrometeorologists viz Dr N. S. Murthy, Dr H. Venktesh and Dr M.B. Rajegowda.

About 500 delegates participated in the seminar which was funded by ICAR, NABARD etc. Dr B. Ajeet Kumar and his team of Thrissur Chapter of Association deserves due credit for success of AGMET 2020. For organizing next national seminar the proposal of Dr R. H. Kanth SKUAST-K, Srinagar was accepted by the EC and same was endorsed by the GB.

Enrollment of Members

             During the year 2019-2020, 297 - Life Members were enrolled with Association. Thus the total number of life memberships increased up to 1663 by the end of March 2020. A total of 320 Annual Members were enrolled during the year 2019.

Financial Status

During the year 2019-2020 the total income was Rs.19,90,049/- and the total expenditure was Rs.12,99, 869.51 giving a surplus of Rs.6,90,179.49. A sum of Rs.49,01,400/- has been kept as fixed deposit with Central Bank of India which includes FD for various awards and memorial lectures.

Awards / Fellowship

A committee comprising of Dr GGSN Rao, Dr P Tripathi and Dr K K Nath was formed to evaluate the applications received for various awards for year 2019. The members met for two days (6-7/11/2019) at Anand and finalized the various awards.


For Prof PSN Sastry Best M.Sc. thesis, five theses were received and the thesis by Amith G submitted to UAS Dharwad was adjudged as the best one.


For Dr P D Mistry best PhD thesis, two theses were received and none was found suitable for award.


For Fellow, two applications were received, and the name of Dr Rajendra Prasad was recommended for the award.


For Dr S. Venkataraman Young Scientist, three applications were received of which the name of Dr Manoj Lunagaria was recommended for the award.


For Dr S Venkataraman best paper awards on abiotic/biotic stress management, no application was received.


For B V Ramana Rao best paper award, one research paper was received which was found not suitable for the award.

These awards were presented to the recipients during the inaugural function of National Seminar (AGMET, 2020), held at Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, Kerala on January 20, 2020.



Publication of Journal of Agrometeorology

Journal of Agrometeorology (JAM) is being published regularly since its inception and become a quarterly publication appearing in (March, June, September, December) since 2017. During the year a special issue part-1of INAGMET 2019 was also published. All the publications are available on our dynamic website During the year we received proposal from different publishing agency for collaboration in publication which were denied. The journal is well appreciated by National and International organizations. It is being indexed by CAB International, Current contents, INSDOC, Scopus, AGRICOLA and many more  others indexing agencies. During 2019, 375 papers were received, including 49 papers from foreign countries, 63 papers were published /accepted, 111 papers were rejected and rests are under the process of revision. The Journal is currently having an impact factor (IF) of 0.64 and NAAS (2020) rating of 6.64.

Web Page of the Association

            Association has developed its new dynamic website with its domain name Member can view/edit/update their profile on the website. New members can also register/enroll on the website. All abstracts and full papers are available on website with search engine.  Event gallery is also provided. The social media account search as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. are provided to increase visibility of the Association. All members are requested to visit the site and give their feedback for its further improvement to The online submission of manuscript and review system is under development.  



(S. B. Yadav)