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Phenological developments and biomass partitioning in Brassica as influenced by weather conditions


Three cultivars of Brassica viz., Agrani, Pusa Jaikisan and Varuna were sown on three dates (1st, 15th October and 1st November) during two rabi seasons of 2000-01 and 2001-02 to study the influence of weather conditions on phenological events and biomass partitioning. It has been observed that early flowering under 1st October sowing resulted in early pod development, longer seed filling period and longer maturity duration which ultimately resulted in higher seed yield than delayed sowing. Delay in sowings resulted in reduction of the biomass accumulation in different plant parts in both the years. However, while comparing the percent allocation to different parts, it was found that the difference was smaller between sowing dates.

Phenology stages, brassica, biomass partitioning